Attendance:  If your child is absent please send a note on the next day of their return.

This message is for parents or guardians of students in grades 6-8.  All middle school students will be issued a laptop computer for educational use beginning January 13, 2016.  Prior to being issued a laptop, students and parents or guardians must attend a mandatory orientation.  Participants may meet this requirement by attending a meeting in person at school or by viewing the on-line orientation on our website, here:

Each middle school will send out additional information regarding dates and times for orientation meetings in their buildings.  After completing the required orientation, students and their parents or guardians must sign and return the Annual Authorization Form to their school agreeing to the terms of laptop use.  If you have questions, please contact your school’s administration. 

Required Orientation Documents:

      Digital Learning Policy - 3230
      Student Laptop User Agreement Regulation - 3230R
      Annual Student and Parent/Guardian Authorization Form

Additional Policy Information:

     Information Technology Use Policy - 3225
     Information Technology Use Acceptable Use Regulation - 3225R