Seventh Grade Information

Manteo Middle School

7th Grade

Weekly Communication

November 30-December 4



H. Magee- This week we will dive deeper into looking at proportional relationships. We will discuss direct variations and slope towards the end of the week. Students will have a Mad Math quiz on Wednesday and should have all corrections turned in by Tuesday. Please remember that videos are posted on Canvas along with the homework sheet for the week. Have your student log on and show you if they have not already done so!

Language Arts

Day-Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving break! This week we will begin working on making inferences and connections to text.  Students will be given new Flocabulary words, and will have a quiz Friday.  Students will read informational texts on this week, and as always will have the opportunity to try again from home and submit for a higher score; those grades are due to me by Friday. Interims go home Wednesday, Dec. 2. As we move into the December/January months, we will be out of school several days. It is vital your child stay diligent with his/her work habits, complete/turn in all work on time, and do his/her very best. Have a great week! :)

Corbett - I’m so glad to be back!  This week, students will have a test on vocab from the previous four weeks. We have done this before and students were made aware before break.  Each student will receive a study guide that they will begin working on for homework tomorrow.

Students also have their reading logs to get signed for homework this week.  Please make sure you see, or are aware of, your child reading.  As far as curriculum goes, we will be making connections with text this week and starting a novel, Touching Spirit Bear. Some of the reading will be done together, while some will be done independently.  Please ask your student about this novel between now and Christmas break. Students will have a question to answer for each chapter that will serve as a study guide.  Students will also be completing a connecting graphic organizer as we move through the novel.


Price- This week we will be beginning Mitosis and learning all of the 5 phases that take place in this eukaryotic nuclear division. If concepts are understood well enough, Meiosis will follow by the last part of the week. Interim reports go out Wednesday.

A. Magee- This week we will be beginning Mitosis and Meiosis, this is typically a hard topic to gain a full understanding of. I have created packets that each student have to help them with taking notes. We will be taking our time to get through this so that everyone has a full understanding. We will have a project involving cells to be completed before Christmas break. Progress reports go out Weds.

Social Studies

Rollison- Welcome back! I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving! We have exactly three weeks before winter break. The students will finish up their research, power points, and expedition maps for their assigned explorer. I have offered an extra credit project for the students which is the creation of their explorer's ship. All materials are acceptable for use. Everything will be due on Monday, December 7th. We will finish up the unit on the Age of Exploration and conquer the Age of Absolutism before Christmas. With winter sports beginning, holiday concerts, and the hustle and bustle with the holidays approaching it is very important for your child to plan ahead, study each night even if it’s for a short time and not procrastinate to ensure success for everyone.

Corbett- We will spend this week completing the Age of Exploration Unit. We will map expeditions of Cortez,Magellan, and Christopher Columbus. There will be a test on Friday. Every Wednesday students should complete a current event for homework. There is specific way it’s to be done to attain complete credit.

Lawrence -


Upcoming Events:

A BIG SHOUT OUT TO MRS.DAY - Mrs. Day wrote a grant for a Smart Board a few months ago. The grant was recently approved. She now has a smart board in her classroom to take the learning experience to a new level!  Way to go Mrs. Day!

Tuesday- 12/1- Canvas Workshop for Parents 8-9 am, 12-1 pm, 5-6 pm

Thursday-12/3- Fall Sports Awards