Art Sketch Homework First Semester
Sketch homework is due in Art every Friday at the beginning of class. The words 
and dates are listed below.

Each sketch should include: the word, definition, picture reflecting the definition, and 
drawing. The drawing may be done in graphite only, NO COLOR, changing values for 
each color seen in the picture. Pictures can be found in magazines, books, newspapers, 
etc. Only two internet pictures may be used per nine weeks. We have lots of magazines 
and books in the art room available for use. 

This exercise enables the student to become more aware of drawing what they see in 
a picture rather than what they think they see, by looking at direction of lines, and the 
shapes that are used to create the objects. It will also reinforce drawing skills and give 
students a better understanding of the use of “The Elements of Art and Principles of 
Design,” we discuss in class. 

Friday, 9/6/13- “delicious” 
Friday, 9/13/13-“decorate”
Friday, 9/20/13- “cozy”
Friday, 9/27/13- “bug”
September 25, 2013- Interims Go Home
Friday, 10/4/13- “bloom”
Friday, 10/11/13- “bait”
Friday, 10/18/13- “essential”
Friday, 10/25/13- “phantom”
October 25, 2013- Ends 1st Quarter/1st  Nine Weeks
Friday, 11/1/13- “rotate”
Friday, 11/8/13- “lantern”
Friday, 11/15/13- “orangutan”
Friday, 11/22/13- “swan”
December 4, 2013- Interims Go Home
Friday, 12/6/13- “turtle”
Friday, 12/13/13- “wagon”
Friday, 12/20/13- “crocodile”
January 17, 2014- End of 2nd Quarter/2nd  Nine Weeks/1st Semester
Friday, 1/10/14- “Uncle Sam”
Friday, 1/17/14- “addax”