Odyssey of the Mind
Our school will be making kits for Brave's Teachers to use to encourage hands on creative thinking.  Here's a list of supplies that we could use to make these kits so that every teacher has ready at their fingertips activities that will allow for creative problem solving.  Select some of these items and send them into Mrs. Spinella who is one of our school's Odyssey of the Mind sponsors.  Thank you!

Supply List

80 Ziplock bags gallon size

80 Ziplock bags sandwich size

200 pairs Chopsticks

1,600 Jumbo paper clips

80 Envelopes

400 Rubber bands

18 rolls Scotch Tape

80 Pennies

480 pieces 4x6 paper (index cards)

560 Address labels

480 Straws

1,040 Mini Marshmallows

2,000 Spaghetti noodles

320 Sheets Newspaper

80 Water bottles

Pack of cardstock paper (to make 80 each of 6x6, 41/2x41/2, and 3x3)

320 Toothpicks

80 Pencils

80 Pieces of jewelry

80 Plastic Flowers

80 Spoons (not plastic)

80 Stuffed Animals

4 Packs Construction Paper

18 Rings (that open to connect laminated cardstock)