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Principal's & Assistant Principal's Shared Voice

Welcome to Manteo Middle School where believing is achieving! Our vision for success empowers students to gain ownership of their learning through reflection and goal-setting. As students’ thoughts focus on areas of improvement, they collaborate with teachers to develop action plans to better their best. Our passion for continuous improvement has transformed our classrooms into digital-age learning environments and spaces that guarantee a rigorous and relevant education for all kind. Our school community celebrates our bright spots and champions students’ efforts to take risks - knowing that failing forward is a key to growth. We inspire, involve, and invest in teacher and student leaders to move us toward innovation made fundamental. All of this is energized by the power of relationships, which are nurtured by modeled trust, kindness, and respect. United, these pieces are The Manteo Way!

Dr. Michael Sasscer | Principal 

Ms. Tenia Maurer | Assistant Principal 

Dr. Michael Sasscer