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School Improvement Team

MMS 3Ps.png

Members 2017-2018

Carrie Houseknecht, Kelsey Oglesby, Triva Day, Christine Spinella, Heather Barton, Ted Mitchell, Holly King, Dawn Tillett, Terri Edwards, Michelle Shafer, Keri Simmons, Hannah Magee, Tifanie Kingston

Tier 1 Plans with S.M.A.R.T goals within PLCs.

Refine/create and publish curriculum maps, unit of study and lesson plans aligned with a measurement system.  

PedagogyLearning Walks

Professional Learning Modules Incorporating digital competencies via Google Classroom using Digital Badging.

SI 2.1

Learning Walks

SI 2.2

Professional Learning Modules incorporating digital competencies via Google Classroom

Digital Badging

Problem Solving

SI 3.1

Empower teacher leadership to devise and implement an enrichment/intervention block targeting math and literacy skills (BRAVES)

SI 3.2

Student-led conferences

Data Walls