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Social Studies

Manteo Middle School prepares students to become our community’s future responsible citizens.  Through a balanced social studies program, students learn about a broad range of peoples and cultures.  Students begin to understand the attitudes and values that enable them to be effective problem‐solvers, good decision‐makers, and wise stewards of our community, state, nation, and the world. 
Students in sixth grade learn about the wider world in which we live through their social studies classes.  They make connections and study geography by using the themes of location, place, movement, human-environment interaction and region to understand the civilizations and societies from the beginning of human existence to the Age of Exploration. Students look at the history and culture of various world regions including the development of economic, political and social systems The student’s focus through social studies can be identified as the basic strands of history, geography and environmental literacy, economics and financial literacy, civics and government and culture. Students in seventh grade learn in depth about our state of North Carolina.  They use the themes location, place, movement, human-environment interaction and region to understand our state, it’s resources and the people who live within it.  Eighth-grade students expand their knowledge through their focus on World History.  They continue to use the lenses of history, geography, economics, civics and government, and culture to look back at the history of the world, examine the world around us, and to prepare to become informed citizens.