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Odyssey of the Mind

Odyssey of the Mind is an organization that supports creative thinking and holds problem-solving competitions around the world.  Each team practices solving hands-on and verbal problems as they meet together as well as developing a solution to a long-term problem.  The students develop their leadership skills and learning how to brainstorm and use common items in new and creative ways. 

It is exciting to watch these students work together to build on their ideas to create their solutions and present them in a live performance.   The students write their script, design their set and work together to develop their solution in a way that capitalizes on their unique abilities and ideas.  The themes for the long-term problems fall into the following categories: vehicle, technical, classic, performance, and structure.  Manteo Middle School’s sponsor is Christy Spinella.  Usually, the teams begin to form after the middle of September.  Next year’s problems are posted.  Check them out!


Odyssey of the Mind Students at Regional Competition

Painting the set!

Dress Rehearsal

Packing for Competition